Phil Frost ,  Untitled, 2013 . Courtesy of Ace Gallery

Phil FrostUntitled, 2013. Courtesy of Ace Gallery

When the work of Phil Frost intersects with the Ace Gallery it is always something worth noting. Perhaps, no one knows this better than photographer Samuel Bayer. Billboards for Bayer’s show at the Ace in March were altered by Frost and subsequently stolen by a determined collector causing quite a buzz for Bayer, Ace and Frost. On this round, Frost work will be featured with the Ace Gallery in a more official capacity. The show’s title, The Solace of the Sword, referring to the lone process artist require to create a body of work, hints at Frosts’ three year absence from exhibiting on scales such as that seen at the Ace Gallery.

Frost work was worth the wait as it is a visual cacophony of color, organic shapes melded with familiar objects that stretches the imagination toward a new form of art language. A noted street artist, his work stands out vividly on our urban landscapes as windows into the fantastical world that must exist only in his head. Evident by the layers upon layers of dialogue through paint and object found on one canvas, each of Frost’s paintings are a journey to decipher and one that undoubtedly required a great deal of time and patience to create. “Frost’s title for the exhibition, with its multiple meanings, alludes to the ascetic life. Referring to the internal struggles involved in the act of painting, it is often an unnerving personal journey involving intense discipline and patience in self-imposed isolation. Encoded in the pursuit, there is no straying from a discipline in which he is immersed.”

Phil Frost
The Solace of the Sword
July 20th-Sept 2013

5514 Wilshire Blvd.
LA, CA 90036