Hollywood Arsenal


James Georgopoulos is known for combining his unique and extremely large silver gelatin prints with elegant multi-layered fields of acrylic paint. His meticulous and painstakingly produced prints are created in a mural sized darkroom. He applies layers of paint around the trimmed print and then pours resin to create a unique and seamless object. 

In today’s culture, the camera and gun have developed synonymous characteristics, which Georgopoulos explores. Both symbolize strength and integrity, and have the ability to protect and take away freedoms; they can alter history, and have the power to threaten and destroy lives. They can lead to success, money and power; but are merely tools used to accomplish these ends at the hands of an operator. Georgopoulos challenges the viewer to examine their relationship with the entertainment industry, gun culture and the exposure that comes with fame and power. 

Georgopoulos has amassed Hollywood’s most notorious arsenal in one location. He has photographed famous cinematic guns along with a selection of motion picture cameras used to record some of the most celebrated film and television shows ever made. Guns included in Hollywood Arsenal include shown include those used by; Al Pacino in Scarface, Lady Gaga in her music video Born This Way, John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2, John Malkovich in Red, Angelina Jolie in Salt, and others.