Matter of Time

Trophies, gold, sex, money, idolatry, heart, heroes and solitude–words used to describe Gregory Siffs latest body of work at Gallery Brown entitled Matter of Time. The exhibit displays the artist’s distinct handmade style in all it’s potential, utilizing contemporary iconography to underscore his commentary on the pursuit of Hollywood’s glamorous lifestyle.

Expect Siff’s stunning hues along with images of Benjamins dipped in gold, his signature crudely drawn faces and abstract landscapes, all merged together beautifully to convey a generation’s dream of opulence through the artist’s personal narrative aesthetic. Siff’s ability to bring the viewer in and allowing them to take part in the adventure is when he’s at his best, and therefore his latest output is simply not to be missed. With titles such as ‘No Morals’, Conversations at a Party’, and ‘Revenge on Hollywood, I Will Have My Starry Night’, Matter of Time takes us on a intimate journey that highlights his love-have relationship with Hollywood sans the happy ending (at least for now).


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Interview With Abstract Artist Gregory Siff
Warholian, Jennifer Goff, October 20, 2012


Gregory Siff's "Matter Of Time" At Gallery Brown
Live Fast, Vivianne Lapointe, October, 17, 2012