a moment in the sun by Cole Sternberg, an ARTed house project

In a quintessential farmhouse and barn in Wainscott, one finds the ARTed house. It is a play on the artistic traditions of the Hamptons, concepts of artist residencies and an environmental takeover. At the request of its proprietors, the ARTed house was at the mercy of Los Angeles-based artist, Cole Sternberg. 

For months, Sternberg entrenched himself in the environment and worked away. Each room became part of his overarching discussion, a moment in the sun, entitled as a socio-political play on words and grounded through common themes of environmentalism, media influence and the last performance of Ray Johnson. “The entire production is meant to be a journey for the viewers that questions the juxtapositions of consumerist largess and environmental beauty found in the Hamptons, the journey of Ray Johnson to his death in Sag Harbor and my inherent emotional ties to both. Collectively it acts as a metaphor for the current state of worldwide regression,” stated Sternberg. “But, it’s not all doom and gloom, it’s meant to honor environmental beauty, humanism and spirit as a force against said regression.”

Sternberg works in a variety of mediums and formats throughout the space to affect the audience visually on multiple levels, explaining, “The works include a short film, shot on location throughout the Hamptons and chronicling a view of human progression, as well as an interpretation of selected Ray Johnson performances. Complimenting the film is a series of paintings, sculptural components and installation experiences. My hope is to provide the audience with engrossing installations that can be informative, interesting and overwhelming at the same time."