You’ve Got Mail: Miranda July’s WE THINK ALONE

Miranda July , WE THINK ALONE

Miranda July, WE THINK ALONE

Thinking out of the box is the norm for ingenious artist Miranda July. Her latest project, WE THINK ALONE, asks it’s participants to look in the box, or rather in their inbox. WE THINK ALONE is an subscription based email based art project that sends a collection of themed emails from an eclectic group of collaborator’s selected by July directly to your email. Emails will be provided by NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabar, writer Etgar Keret, artist Catherine Opie, Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte and Kirsten Dunst amongst others. Commissioned by Magasin 3, WE THINK ALONE is one of many components of the gallery’s On the Tip of My Tongue project.

“On the Tip of My Tongue is a series of events and unique projects as well as an exhibition in the usual sense. It includes artworks that point away from the site of the exhibition itself, towards other virtual or parallel existences and experiences. Its intention is to actively expand the structures that surround the usual exhibition situation, and deliberately work with the artworks included, so as to unfix or destabilize the categories of time and space. It aims to trigger situations and experiences that linger as if “just out of reach,” to generate encounters that keep growing – in thought and through conversation – long after each actual event has ended.”

July’s project taps into the nature of conversation itself. The authentic voice is filtered daily through a variety of electronic forms of communication. The individual, perhaps unknowingly, adapts a variety of personas depending on the email recipient. July also acknowledges the ever changing face of privacy and a societal desire for complete access. As July acknowledges, “How they comport themselves in email is so intimate, almost obscene — a glimpse of them from their own point of view. WE THINK ALONE has given me the excuse to read my friends’ emails and the emails of some people I wish I was friends with and for better or worse it’s changed the way I see all of them. I think I really know them now…And of course while none of these emails were originally intended to be read by me (much less you*) they were all carefully selected by their authors in response to my list of email genres — so self-portraiture is quietly at work here. Privacy, the art of it, is evolving.”

Subscribers will receive emails every Monday from July 1st to November 11th, 2013.

Collette McGruder