Trip the Light Fantastic: James Turrell Retrospective @ LACMA

James Turrell ,  Raemar Pink White , 1969 (top)  Breathing Light , 2013 (bottom), courtesy of LACMA

James Turrell, Raemar Pink White, 1969 (top) Breathing Light, 2013 (bottom), courtesy of LACMA

Quakers believe in a concept referred to as Inner Light. The idea is that within us exists a light, the same light that exists in the world. It is based on the bible passage John 1:9: “That was the true light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” And so, James Turrell, a life long Quaker and brilliant installation artist, has spent most of his career exploring, harnessing, framing and playing with light. His work feels like a testament to the core beliefs of his faith. It inspires the viewer to acknowledge light, recognized the infinite possibility in it’s beauty and to feel the transformation that happens within.

Beginning Sunday May 26th through April 16th, 2014, LACMA will present James Turrell: A Retrospective. It will feature highlights from the artists illustrious fifty year career as a leader in the Southern California Light and Space movement:

The exhibition includes early geometric light projections, prints and drawings, installations exploring sensory deprivation and seemingly unmodulated fields of colored light, and recent two-dimensional work with holograms. One section is devoted to the Turrell masterwork in process, Roden Crater, a site-specific intervention into the landscape just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, presented through models, plans, photographs, and films. The exhibition includes a separately-ticketed experience, Light Reignfall, from the artist’s Perceptual Cell series, with a limited number of tickets available.

Collette McGruder