Touch and Go: teamLab Creates Interactive Instillation in Hong Kong

On this, the birthday of musical genius David Bowie, it seems only appropriate that we explore the latest innovations in 'sound and vision'.  teamLab's interactive installation at The Hong Kong Arts Centre brilliantly illustrates the immediacy of  communication via our fingertips.  Participants are encouraged to walk through a maze of giant orbs designed to respond to human contact.  Movement can trigger a change in hue, introduce a new sound or send an low electric shock through the space.  Participants quickly realize that their individual experience is actually apart of teamLab's experiment with modern interconnectedness.

"The internet has spread through out the world. Individuals are connected to closely related people and information spreads back and forth freely between them. People act as the intermediary for the information and in an instant the information spreads and the world unifies. All individuals can freely and simply transmit information, the individual acts as an intermediary that transmits the information to the world, transforming it an instant." - teamLab

On display until July 14th, teamLab's instillation is apart of the Distilling Senses: A Journey through Art and Technology in Asian Contemporary Art.