To Paris Photo LA, With Love

David Armstrong ,  Luc and Lisa, New Years Eve    

David Armstrong, Luc and Lisa, New Years Eve


Image is everything. Nowhere is this more true than Paris Photo Los Angeles and from April 26th – April 28th Paramount Studios serves as a backdrop for the renowned international photo fair. Carefully curated photographic moments peek out from the windows of Paramount’s city scape facades delightfully blurring one’s perception of reality. A clever contrast to the modest flickering of classic films that play in the intimate and cozy Sound and Vision areas on the larger sound stages.

From early works of genius by Man Ray at 1900-2000 in LOT 5 to David Armstrong’s pre-McGinley portraits of youth and beauty at the Brachfeld Gallery (quaintly housed in a brownstone on the New York City lot) Paris Photo LA is an absolute must see this weekend.

Visit the website for a complete list of guest speakers, exhibitors and film showings.

Collette McGruder