THIS is Now: Erin Garcia’s “Stacks” and THIS Los Angeles

Drive down Figueroa Boulevard in Highland Park on any given day and you’ll find multiple flower shops and nail salons, plus the occasional pet shop or fruit stand. Drive down Figueroa Boulevard on a particular Tuesday or Thursday night and, near Ave. 59, you’ll find dozens of 20-somethings, glasses of wine and craft beer in hand, outside an unobstrusive storefront, spilling onto the sidewalk and–more often than not–into the street itself.

This gallery is, well, THIS Gallery, a (relatively) new addition to the Los Angeles art scene that caters to a particularly group of young artists and collectors. Its fans and past collaborators include the likes of John Van Hamersfeld and Alex Prager. Known for its representation of new talent in both the commercial design and art worlds, THIS takes risks. But it’s precisely that kind of stick-your-neck-out attitude that allows it to compete with the finest of Culver City galleries.

This month, THIS features work by Erin Garcia an artist-musician of the most obsessive kind, who creates hand-drawn geometric works of surprising scope and size. His exhibit, “Stacks” which opened on May 11 was as busy as every THIS show; his unique voice in the LA art scene is undeniable.

THIS gallery is open Saturdays from 1-6, and by appointment. Don’t have time to stop by for Garcia’s show? Log on to the gallery website to sign up for the mailing list and to see some of the THIS Gallery Studio Visits, a video project that takes THIS gallery collaborators into the workspaces of some of the most interesting working artists creatives. You won’t be disappointed.

Erin Garcia “Stacks”
THIS Los Angeles
5906 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042

Kit Warchol