The Race Is On: Instagram Mini Marathon on July 26th

Michel Gaubert.  I am fab #cali #breadbasket#filya #truckin', 2014 . Courtesy of Art.

Michel Gaubert. I am fab #cali #breadbasket#filya #truckin', 2014. Courtesy of Art.

Instagram is a constant for those whose attention is too hyper actively deficient to wait for a light to change or for a friend to arrive at the bar.  While, Facebook, once equally offered a satisfy stroll of finger flicking, it has become ripe with news horrors, followed by baby announcements and nonsensical quizzes (intriguing enough to take but too embarrassing to admit by posting the results.) 

Instagram is the cooler, prettier sister of Facebook. It is laid back and easy going. Instagram is like that popular friend that assumes everyone knows everyone and really thinks everyone should meet. Although filled with shameless plugs, overly composed selfies and babies (...babies and cats are inescapable on social media ) there is something fascinating about the inconsequential stream of fascinating, hilarious and beauty that is  Instagram. It can be visually thought provoking, wonderfully confusing and, due to limited verbiage and use of hashtags, always open to interpretation. So, Instagram is art.

On Saturday July 26th, Hans Ulrich Obrist, For Your Art and a range of artist and curators will host a marathon of Instagram images at the Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles. The event promises a selection of high brow, low brow, (no brows - because there is a #nobrow) and everything in between.  A non stop scroll fest of amateurs, tricksters, artist, photoshop jokesters, mystics, witches and others you 'follow' but no matter how much you love and comment on their post they will never follow you back (I'm talking to you Ryan Gosling.).

“The Marathon becomes a space for the meeting of science and art, technology and culture–just the kind of interdisciplinary exploring that drives the evolving projects of ForYourArt,” says its Founder, Bettina Korek.

Technology and Art is a popular intersection. Rarely does the origin of the crossing stay relevant, but from it evolves invention thus birthing a map to a future direction in art and technology. Therefore the Instagram Mini Marathon one of the most important shows to view this season.

Instagram Mini Marathon.

307 South Broadway

LA CA 90013

Saturday July 26th 7:30 - 9:00 pm