The History of American Graffiti Book Signing at The Hole Gallery

Graffiti writers all over the world know the man who started it all: Taki 183. 40 years ago Taki 183’s fate was sealed when The New York Times article titled ‘Taki 183 Spawns Pen Pals’ was published, thus bringing about the graffiti movement in New York City. The then seventeen year old Taki 183 from 183rd Street in Manhattan had a simple styled signature that caught the attention of a reporter and that summer, the article was published.

On the 40th Anniversary of the New York Times article, Taki 183 will arrive with authors of ‘The History of American Graffiti’ for an official book signing at The Hole Gallery in New York. ‘The History of American Graffiti’ is filled with a thousand photographs from over two hundred photographers. Ninety percent of these images have never before been published.

The authors spent four years interviewing key prolific graffiti artists from most of the or the metropolitan areas in between New York and Los Angeles. There has never been a more absolute book on the media of graffiti art, and its complete history.

Thursday July 21, 2011, meet graffiti legend Taki 183 and ‘The History of American Graffiti’ authors Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon at the Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 from 7-10pm.
Eli Consilvio