The Art Reserve at LA Art Show

The Art Reserve is proud to present a collection of abstract sculptural Stupas and recent graphite drawings by Richard David Sigmund at the Sixteenth Annual Los Angeles Art Show Project Space i238 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The solo exhibition follows Sigmund’s work into a meditative construct in which his process is reinforced by his life changing experience through India. The opening night premiere party will take place Wednesday, January 19, 2011, ticket proceeds help bring the experience of art to special children in Los Angeles benefiting The Art of Elysium. For tickets click here.

Sigmund contemplates on his travels through the graphite drawings based on actual places of prayer as he creates a sense of spiritual reflection through the physical memory that remains constant in the present along with a feeling of peace evoked from the past. Sigmund creates a perception of balance, from a contrasting composition against the hard layered graphite to the serene negative space, he is able to convey a realism of harmony and solitude.

Sigmund’s heavily rendered study drawings and simplified Stupa sculptures have a deeper connection between spirituality and meditation that is seen as an intricate yet abstract concept. Stupas hold a symbolic significance towards the history of Buddhist enlightenment and transcendence, replicating the earthly values and the transition to heavenly elements through an objective sculpture. Sigmund’s translations are interpreted into contemporary designs and compositions, all the while maintaining the complexions of meditative forms. Viewing the exhibition as a whole, from the physical journey, studies, and sculpture, the viewer is able to understand and observe the relationship of faith in practice.

Eli Consilvio