The Art Of Elysium: Unlocked

Please join us Thursday, June 10th for the Opening Reception of Unlocked: A selection from The Art of Elysium Private Art Collection at the Century City Westfield space 26. The Art of Elysium is a Los Angeles based arts organization working with actors, artists, musicians and designers to provide workshops for children who are battling serious medical conditions. The Unlocked exhibition is a silent auction that will be held through out the month of June, featuring artists Russell Young & Mick Rock, Nina Munoz, Patrick Hoelck, Lisa Solberg, Keira Kotler, The Ultra Velvet Collection, Chris Jordan, Lisa Solberg, Matt Mahurin, Archie Budd, Arthur Grace, Stephens Wilkes, Robert Bengston, Wouter Deryutter, Michael Muller, Allen Ginsberg, Madoka Takagi, Scott Caan, Anderson & Low, Noah Webb, Jonathan Gitelson, Tofer Chin, Henry Diltz, Alex Prager, Gisela Getty, Sid Kaplan, Brian Finke, Susan Burnstine, Firooz Zahedi, Jenny Lynn, and Christopher Cuseo. The gallery will be open Tues-Sat 10am to 6pm. For more information about The Art of Elysium please visit

Eli Consilvio