Talking Heads: Rolston at Diane Rosenstein Fine Arts June 7th

Matthew Rolston.   Triptych I. 2010 . Courtesy of Diane Rosenstein Fine Arts

Matthew Rolston. Triptych I. 2010. Courtesy of Diane Rosenstein Fine Arts

Matthew Rolston, lauded for reviving Hollywood glamour photography through his signature use of lighting and staging, was first discovered by  Andy Warhol. While still at the creative helm at Interview Magazine, Warhol commissioned Rolston for portraits thus launching his career in celebrity and fashion photography.  Throughout the 1980's, Rolston's work cycled with the likes of Ritts, Liebovitz and Avedon in magazines and designer campaigns, thus earning him a position with an elite group of influential photographers.

For his solo exhibition, Talking Heads at Diane Rosenstein Fine Arts, Rolston lends his sleek modern lighting for portraits to an unconventional group of entertainers - ventriloquists' dummies.  The result is a captivating series of larger than life images of inanimate objects that manage to speak volumes about power of the gaze.   Opting for an eye level perspective, a single light and white seamless, Rolston's portraits extract the homage to humanity and personality that exist within the art of ventriloquism.   Rolston's subjects were chosen from a collection of seven hundred dummies at the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Matthew Rolston is represented by both Diane Rosenstein Fine Art and Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles. 

Talking Heads exhibition opens June 7th through July 12th.

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