Takashi Murakami Does LA

Takashi Murakami, film still from “Jellyfish Eyes, 2013″Takashi Murakami is making a monster splash in Los Angeles.It began with the international debut of his live action film Jellyfish Eyes at LACMA on April 8th. As reported in the LA Times, Murakami delighted a crowd full of admirers at the Q&A when he cited the Power Rangers, E.T. and The Goonies as inspiration for the flick.

Next stop, Blum & Poe, will host the artist sixth solo exhibition showcasing his recent endeavor into arhat style of painting:

“Arhat, which derives its name from the ancient language of Sanskrit, translates to “a being who has achieved a state of enlightenment.” The largest gallery will contain three imposingly scaled paintings measuring between eighteen and thirty-five feet in length, whose source imagery is drawn from an ancient tale of Buddhist monks confronting decay and death. Demonic monsters and decrepit monks in traditional robes and paraphernalia wander psychedelic landscapes. Standing tall and center amongst these large paintings will be a monumental new sculpture depicting a massive skull enveloped in flames, whose antecedents can be found in Buddhist statuary located in temples throughout Japan.”

Muted by comparison to Murakami’s other work, the arhat paintings reflect the artists’ evolution. The second room at the gallery returns to his light-hearted perspective , that iconic Murakami pop feel that catapulted him into the mainstream when he collaborated with Louis Vuitton .

Takashi Murakami April 13th – May 25th Blum & Poe 2727 S. La Cienega Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90034 www.blumandpoe.com

Collette McGruder