Stalking Pretty: Lisa Solberg at THIS Gallery

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit THIS Gallery, Lisa Solberg’s new installation, Stalker, offers the perfect excuse to drop in. Opening on June 15, it should leave a lasting impression–albeit an eery one.

Solberg is best known for her surreal, large-scale oil paintings. Created through a laborious and painstaking process involving ballpoint pen, oil, and ebony pencil on celotex panels, “Stalker” veers from her typical style, interweaving her typical brushstrokes with intricate drawings. But like all of Solberg’s works, “Stalker” floats in a liminal zone between abstraction and narrative, darkness and epiphany. The installation, says Solberg “was approached as a submission to darkness in order to find the true light, a light that is meant to expose itself upon completion and unveiling.”

We could all do with a little enlightenment.

THIS Gallery
Opening: June 15 7-10PM
Exhibit: June 15-July 14
5906 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042

Kit Warchol