Salomón Huerta and David Pagel at MOCA Artist Talks

Salomón Huerta – Ego, Destruction, and Facebook from The Art Reserve on Vimeo.

Featured at MoCA last Wednesday, Los Angeles art critic, David Pagel goes one on one with figurative painter Salomón Huerta, a Los Angeles artist who has exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, the Gagosian Gallery, and LACMA. Huerta, who is known for his back of the head portraits and luchador masked wrestler paintings, reveals a posture of reflecting identity, while presenting a perspective of a confined persona. As his paintings evolve, his methods and processes has taken on a similar nature, having its own obscurity in identifying himself to his work. Their conversation discusses Huerta’s methods of sanding down his images three to four times over before it’s completion, he need for finding peace in his paintings rather than pleasure. As some artist have the fear of creating or completing works, Huerta’s release and detachment from his work is through the destruction of the image in order to maintain the objective of always creating something new.

Huerta discusses the physical problems of painting and the emotional questions while painting, and how fear comes into play. As one can have the discussion of fear and stage fright, Salomon Huerta speaks confidently with David Pagel on his ego and practice of painting. For more Q & A in the Green Room, visit  Huerta is currently represented with Patrick Painter Inc., Santa Monica and will have a solo show January 2011.

Eli Consilvio