Robin Eley's PRISM Opens At 101/EXHIBIT

Robert Eley .  Feder Refracted (Black) , 2014. Courtesy of 101/EXHIBIT

Robert Eley. Feder Refracted (Black), 2014. Courtesy of 101/EXHIBIT

Robert Eley's paintings are about making a connection with his subjects.  As an outlander, Eley is an artist in residence and recently relocated to Los Angeles from Australia, connectivity is a growing theme in not only his work but his life.  In a city of millions that spans for miles in all directions, it is easy to feel alone and reliant on technology to navigate the geography and social enclaves.  Eley explores interactivity and connection in his work.

"Like many I know, the desire to be apart of a community and entirely alone has led me to social media. As it seems to offer a parallel invitation to both," says Eley. "Over the years I have invested more in this digital representation of myself. But at what benefit and cost? The Prism series is an exploration of this idea."

The realist/geometric abstract hybrid paintings and crystalline sculptures of Robin Eley present an understanding of identity constructed as much by visual reality as by technology. Prism’s juxtaposition of traditional oil on canvas portraiture with 3D-printed synthetic avatars looks to challenge the presumed separation between today’s physical and digital self.  In a marked transition from his concentrated photorealistic painting, Robin Eley’s work is now compelled not only by its meticulous execution but also its quality of lingering detachment.

Robert Eley





October 18 - November 29 2014




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