Paris Photo LA

Generally acknowledged as the reigning photography fair abroad, Paris Photo recently announced that it will hold its first U.S.-based fair in Los Angeles. The new event, called (oddly but fittingly) Paris Photo L.A., will run from April 24-28.

What led Julien Frydman, the fair’s director, to choose Los Angeles as Paris Photo’s American destination? According to Frydman, a rich history of L.A. artists who experiment with photography and image, and institutions like the Getty and LACMA, who possess renowned photography collections.

Of course, the connection between the photographic image and Hollywood’s film industry hasn’t gone unnoticed–in fact, Paris Photo LA will be held on the Paramount Studio lot rather than at one of the more traditional convention venues. But, says Frydman, “it’s important to understand this is not a tribute to cinema but a way of looking at how other artists are using images.”

For more information visit Paris Photo online.

[Paramount Studios will serve as the venue for Paris Photo LA 2012]

Kit Warchol