Opening: Richard David Sigmund at Art Merge LAB March 19th

In the collective reference of identifiable shapes, somewhere between the seductive lure of a well designed chess piece and the awe inspiring angles of a Buddhist temple, lies the geometric work of Richard David Sigmund. The Los Angeles based artist first solo exhibition, Richard David Sigmund: Drawing and Sculpture opens March 19th at the Art Merge LAB. Sigmund’s sleek wood and sometimes candy colored sculptures are tempered by a showing of graphite drawings that mirror the level of contemplation carried through in the overall work.

For Sigmund, drawing itself is, as he puts it, “a meditative practice, a physical activity that focuses and then transforms energy.” In the circular movement of the artist’s hand and the rounded and columnar shapes he favors, the work recalls the rounded form of the stupa and the fact that a meditative state, called circumambulation, is attained by repeatedly walking around these sacred structures. Complimenting the reflective mood of Sigmund’s work will be an exhibition design that inspires serenity through low, atmospheric lighting and re-imagines the gallery as a modern sanctuary.

Art Merge LAB @ Pacific Design Center
Opening Tuesday, March 19th 5:00-8:30pm
On View March 19th-May 2nd

Collette McGruder