One Man’s Gallery, Another Man’s City: New York artists on view in Sweden

In New York where, in one night, there are dozens of must-see gallery shows, it can be difficult to trace the ever-evolving art scene. There are countless would-be Rauschenbergs and Warhols bent over canvases in cramped studios, struggling to gain attention from countless gallerists who in turn seek the notice of countless buyers and almost as many art critics. Determining the next-big-thing (be it artist or art movement) in New Yrok seems to have more in common with winning the lottery than research or hard work. So, when it comes to compiling a comprehensive view of New York’s latest generation of artists, perhaps it takes an outsider’s perspective.

At least, that’s what’s implied by Portraits of a Generation, a group show that opens on Friday, October 19 at Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm. The exhibit compiles work by downtown New York artists whose location influenced their process and style, and who often used other New York artists (their friends, lovers) for their subject matter.

In assembling these works in one place, Portraits of a Generation seeks to discover the “real” New York–the gritty, the honest, the beautiful–by displaying work made by those who know New York best. The diverse list of artists includes the late Dash Snow, Erik Foss, Aaron Rose, and Leo Fitzpatrick among others (there are 50 artists in total). The show promises both unsettling insight and startling beauty, the sort of glimpses that only a New Yorker can produce of his (or her) city.

Portraits of a Generation
Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm
October 19 – November 15, 2012
Opening Night Friday, October 19.
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Kit Warchol