Obamaism: A New Cause-Driven Art Movement

[Alec Soth,  Advantage Inn . Available as part of Art For Obama Auction]

[Alec Soth, Advantage Inn. Available as part of Art For Obama Auction]

The Democratic and Republic National Conventions are over, the Romney-Obama debates set to commence. Everyone is talking about Election Night 2012. And now artists are adding visuals to the festivities.

We all remember Shepard Fairey’s 2008 “Hope” poster that launched a grassroots movement (and incited a little licensing scandal). It raised countless dollars for the Obama campaign. Now some of the biggest names in art offer their own contributions to the Obama cause.

For a donation of $20,000, you can own the “Artists for Obama” limited edition portfolio. The collection includes 13 prints (printed by Gemini GEL) from a diverse roster of contemporary visionaries: John Baldessari, Jasper Johns, Brice Marden, and Ann Hamilton to name a few. The complete collection is available to view here.

Or if you’d like to try your luck, head to Art for Obama, where you can bid in an online auction for photographs from 60 artists. The proceeds form the auction will benefit Move On and the NAACP Voter Fund, organizations that get out the vote in low-income neighborhoods within swing states.

Who ever said art and politics don’t go together?

Kit Warchol