MUST SEE: David Benjamin Sherry @ OHWOW

David Benjamin Sherry,   Wave on Coyote Buttes, 2013    

David Benjamin Sherry, Wave on Coyote Buttes, 2013


Prepare to be visually overwhelmed by the colorful landscapes featured in David Benjamin Sherry’s Wonderful Land, currently on exhibition at OHWOW Gallery through May 17th. Sherry’s work pays homage to the sensibilities of Ansel Adams in that Sherry traveled the west armed with a handmade large format wooden camera, aperture locked at f/64, and the resolve to capture the beauty of his subject.

“His images inhabit an unfamiliar, strange space, as we recognize the physical inability of our own eyes to gauge such extreme levels of visual information. His attention to process relays his personal conviction, but it also insists on reflection, appreciation, and preservation of his muse.” -OHWOW

Oh David Benjamin Sherry, your body (of work) is a wonder(ful) land!

Collette McGruder