Museum Globetrotting by Google Art Project

Maybe you wish you have been to the Palace of Versailles in France, or made your way to the Smithsonian in Washington, and maybe even wanted to wander the MoMA in New York alone. With the great force that is technology, powered by Google, brought us Art Project, a website where you can explore the world’s largest museum galleries and collections through a new virtual tour. A similar feature to the Google Maps street view, you can basically view pantings such as the “Birth of Venus” up close and personal and make a 360 degree turn to see the entire gallery wing and the other artworks so wonderfully curated around it. Although the clarity of the painting’s details may not be at the highest resolution, but the quality of the virtual experience is pretty exciting. A new movement towards museum hopping without having to be a tourist.

Art Project can be a great resource for investigating selected museum collections within the available wings, along with artwork information and artist facts (google maps detail of a pin drop of even where the artist was born). From Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam, Italy, and New York, with the Art Project there are a variety of museums to explore, a new world of art history just opened to the public on the world wide web, and the admission is free. Watch the wonderful behind the scenes of the Art Project and visit!

Eli Consilvio