MOCA Protest Caught on Tape

Downtown LA BLU MOCA Whitewash Protest // 01.03.2011 from jesse trott on Vimeo.

A group of street artists and war veterans gathered Monday night in the parking lot of MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary. They were there to protest MOCA Director Jefferey Deitch’s recent whitewashing of artist Blu’s antiwar mural that featured coffins draped in dollar bills. Some are claiming that the removal of the mural was censorship while Deitch has said that the mural was removed so as not to offend some neighbors, including the nearby Veterans Affairs Hospital and a war memorial for Japanese American soldiers.

At the protest, the artists took aim at the museum’s north wall with a laser graffiti gun that was made especially for this event. They took turns digitally scrawling messages like “Dump Deitch” and “War is over?” The act was filmed and the video has just been released.

Meredith Hudson