Margo Leaving: After 42 Years, Margo Leavin Gallery Closes

After 42 years, Los Angeles’ Margo Leavin Gallery will close its doors. Perhaps you’ve been to one of the more than 500 exhibitions held at the gallery since it opened in 1970 or perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity (hopefully it’s the former). Regardless, don’t miss the gallery’s final exhibition, Arctic Summer, on view through September 15, 2012.

Arctic Summer features works by John Baldessari, Sarah Charlesworth, Roy Dowell, Larry Johnson, Joseph Kosuth, William Leavitt, Sherrie Levine, Sol LeWitt, John M. Miller, Gabriel Orozco, Gary Simmons, and Alexis Smith. After the exhibition closes, Margo Leavin will be open by appointment only through 2013.

Kit Warchol