Jim Herrington Portraits Featured on PDN Online

Jim Herrington is both a photographer and a story teller. His black and white portraits are reminiscent of the late greats, Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus and Irving Penn. With a vision more mature than his years, he is able to capture the personality and soul of his subjects usually against a stark minimalist background, revealing a raw essence of both people and object. From Daniel Johnston and Tiny Tim, to Jerry Lewis’ piano and Norman Mailer’s typewriter, a story resonates within each image.

Herrington’s work is currently featured in a PDN article and has appeared in major publications in the United States and Europe, on album covers, and in national advertising campaigns. Aside from his ongoing documentation of the greats of the music world, Herrington, an avid mountain climber, is at work on a series of portraits of the legends of American mountaineering.

To view more works by Jim Herrington click here, or visit his blog here.

Joslin Van Arsdale