Ivonne Thein’s “Thirty-Two Kilos”

Ivonne Thein’s “Thirty-Two Kilos” (or 70 Pounds) are photographs of terrifyingly thin, bandage-wrapped models in fashion editorial poses. Thein highlights the relationship between high fashion and anorexia. The Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum curator Al Miner noted Thein’s decision to obscure the models’ faces forces the viewer to focus on their bodies, particularly the exaggerated limbs. Thein, a 30-year-old German photographer, decided to create the series of fourteen photographs after reading about the internet movement “pro-ana” (or pro-anorexia). Pro-ana followers argue that anorexia is a lifestyle choice and provide support and encouragement for one another’s starvation and weight-loss. Thein’s work is a commentary on the pathological striving of young men and women to be extremely thin. 

Eli Consilvio