It’s About Time: “Lick It Into Shape” Maps the Meaning of Ephemera

It’s no secret that mining for liminal and unstable moments often produces the most interesting art. Our world depends on measurements of time, and so artists inevitably explore moments of transitions and suspension, periods that guarantee tension and dynamic subject matter. Think John Cage’s 4’33”, successful because it relies on the profundity of prolonged absence.

A new show at Chapman University’s Guggenheim Gallery represents the latest effort to explore the temporal. Lick It Into Shape: Friending the Ephemeral , a group show featuring works by Brandon Andrew, Young Chung, Public Fiction, Samara Golden, Alex Jasch, Cyril Kuhn, Davida Nemeroff, and Paul Pescador, focuses on processes over final producst or static objects. Lick It Into Shape is “about shifting concepts on how ideas manifest. About the question as to how presentation shapes the presented.” Portraying such an interplay seems difficult, if not impossible, to pin down–particularly in a gallery space. And that’s precisely why it’s worth hearing the artists argue their theoretical motivations at Sept. 5’s artist reception.

The reception for Lick it Into Shape on September 5 (5-9pm) will include a performance by Pescador. The show will be on view through September 20, 2012. For more information, visit the Guggenheim Gallery

Kit Warchol