Hear Him Roar: Nick Brandt @ Fahey/Klein Gallery (September 5 - November 2, 2013)

Nick Brandt , Elephants Walking Through Grass in Amboseli , 2008 from  A Shadow Falls

Nick Brandt, Elephants Walking Through Grass in Amboseli , 2008 from A Shadow Falls

Nick Brandt continues his poetic journey through East Africa in the Across Ravaged Land exhibition currently up until November 2nd at Fahey/Klein Gallery. In his previous series’, On Earth and Shadow Falls, Brandt’s images offered glimpses into the relationship between landscape and wildlife that felt timeless and unscathed. Across Ravaged Lands reflects a deeper inquiry into that relationship and delves deeper into the predatory nature of humans. Thus completing ‘ the sentence which embodies his trilogy, On This Earth, A Shadow Falls, Across the Ravaged Land. ‘

The unfortunate truth is that the beauty and wildlife of East Africa are disappearing due to an expanding population and the growth in poaching. The genius that admirers find in Brandt’s work is his ability to depict this horrible truth in a way that beautifully devastating. (See images above for example) “This further sense of foreboding, this greater level of melancholy on my part, informs the way that I photograph the animals in this book as opposed to the previous two. The shadow falling over the animals and land (and therefore also us) in the second book, is now turning a somber, inky black.” (Nick Brandt, I am the Walrus, Across the Ravaged Land).

Fahey/Klein Gallery Nick Brandt, Across the Ravaged Land September 5 – November 2, 2013 148 North La Brea LA, CA


Nick Brandt, Line of Rangers with Tusks of Killed Elephants in Amboseli, 2011 from Across the Ravaged Land

Collette McGruder