He Caan and He Will: Scott Caan Launches Vanity at Martha Otero Gallery

Scott Caan .  Vanity , book cover. Courtesy of Martha Otero Gallery.

Scott Caan. Vanity, book cover. Courtesy of Martha Otero Gallery.

Scott Caan knows what you're thinking:

Here we go again. Yet, another actor- slash something- vanity project emerges with the fan fare rooted in celebrity name rather than the content of the work. 

But Caan takes a tongue in cheek poke at his critics by naming his photo book Vanity.  Caan states, "To me, Vanity was the perfect title. Photography is the one thing I can do where I don’t have to answer to anybody. ... In a sense, it is my selfish way of saying; 'these are the photographs that I like.'"

The advent of the smart phone coupled with instagram and it's addictive filters has broadened the definition of photographer.  Yet, as any photographer will tell you it is the eye and the point of view that separates the photographic art from the snapshot.  Scott Caan's work does just as he promises, it delivers a unique perspective that is completely his own.   It is not a celebrity feed but rather vignettes of his life carefully composed with an artistic awareness of light and shadows.   From his portraiture to documentary images, the work is comprised of intimate moments specific to his life.  As perfectly demonstrated on the book's cover. Caan turns the table (or lens) back onto the paparazzi at Canne. 

Caan's Canne is a Canne only he can capture.  (Photographers are generally forbidden on the level from which the shot was obtained.)

Vanity is an unassuming collection of images that only hints at celebrity.  The beauty lies in that it is created by a humble photojournalist whom just happens to be an established actor.

Scott Caan's Vanity book release and gallery opening is August 30th at Martha Otero Gallery.  The show runs through September 13th.