Final Days of the Communities in Schools Art Auction Hosted by Charity Buzz

The Communities in Schools auction is ending June 29th, 2011. This is your last chance to get works by Ellwood T. Risk, James Georgopoulos, Patrick Hoelck, Damon Pablo, Mallory Morrison, Tasya Van Ree, Tamar Levine, Brigitte Carnochan, Jay Kelly, Douglas Kirkland, The Ultravelvet Collection, Mark Leibowitz, Elisabeth Fried, Neville Garrick, Alexandra Wagner, Michael Gorman, Richard David Sigmund, Tony Hong, Sean D’Anconia, Thor Evensen, and David O’Brien. Click here to visit the auction here.

James Georgopoulos,  Mr. White

James Georgopoulos, Mr. White

Eli Consilvio