Famed Fabrications: Jim Drain Invades Los Angeles

Jim Drain is one of those names that just keeps coming up. This fact is thanks in part to the Miami-based artist’s cross-genre collaborations (as a founder of the music/art/performance collective, Forcefield, then as a member of the renowned Fort Thunder arts community in Rhode Island, and next up, as the creator of a site-specific commission for a new US Embassy compound in Rabat, Morocco). Yet even with this diverse interest in music and performance as a backdrop, he’s still firmly entrenched in the art world with shows at MOCA Los Angeles, a Baloise Prize from Art Basel, and a spot in the Museum of Modern Art collection to prove it.

It can be difficult to categorize Drain’s work, which is as varied as his past side projects–he jumps from painting to video to sculpture at high speeds. But it’s the sculptural installations– massive constructions of technicolor yarn, fabric and other textiles–that seem to have struck a nerve with the arts community.

Now, Drain brings his unique perspective to Los Angeles.

First up is a solo show, Drain Expressions at Prism Gallery, which includes the woven sculptures that typify Drain’s aesthetic, along with deconstructed paintings and “gently satirical” promotional posters.

And if the exhibit leaves your head spinning (a worthy reaction to Drain’s hyper-stimulating installations), head to Westwood for some perspective: Drain will deliver a free lecture tonight at the Hammer Museum.

Drain Expressions                                           UCLA Department of Art Lectures: Jim Drain
Prism Gallery                                                Hammer Museum
November 10, 2012-January 5, 2013     November 15, 2012, 7:30 PM

Kit Warchol