Doin’ the Twist with Painter Peter Saul

Peter Saul in his studio in Germantown, New York Photo by Zefrey Throwell via    

Peter Saul in his studio in Germantown, New York Photo by Zefrey Throwell via


Daniel Kunitz, executive editor for Modern Painters, describes the infamous artist, Peter Saul, as a late-life star in the feature interview with the painter for published this last week. For the 76 year old artist who opened this past Saturday at Haunch of Venison in New York, Peter Saul: Fifty Years of Painting, his work is still as vibrant and stimulating as ever.

Saul discusses his early work about his initial influences, from Francis Bacon to Paul Cadmus, from his attempts to soaking up gloom, but what has radiated over the past fifty years is his present day lewdness and humor in his paintings. As he describes his painting process, it becomes far simpler than the aggressive colors, Saul says,” I just simply think them up. Car, ape — just stuff. And I just try to get it to go together in a way that has some psychological meaning, if it were to be painted. That’s all there is to it, really. It’s my fiction, you know?” Kunitz dances around Sauls indefinite reasonings on misbehaving within his paintings, not reacting to his reputation, and not pushing his artist career which has actually created more success for him. As you look at it now, a seventy year old man laughing at the world through his paintings-sounds genius.

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Eli Consilvio