Cole Sternberg featured at Hochhaus Hansa

Los Angeles painter, Cole Sternberg is currently exhibiting in the group show One on One at Hochhaus Hansa in Dortmund, Germany. The exhibition is held in conjunction with Ruhr.2010 European Capital of Cultural Exhibition Series, featuring artists from many sectors of Europe and all over the world. The One on One exhibition spans over five levels of a nineteenth century coal refinery, with various artists displayed on each floor.

Cole Sternberg’s expression of his work is visually seen as a form of Urban Impressionism, he states “My works all revolve around a chaotic winter, a winter of political, environmental, and personal struggle. They are also inspired by the writings of beat poets, contemporary authors and musicians.” Sternberg’s artwork holds a presence that emphasizes social schematics through vibrant to meloncholy colors and layers of ink and paint gestures.

The Hochhaus Hansa exhibit will continue through October 11th, 2010 featuring artwork by Matthias Galvez, Taka Kagitomi, Satoshi Kojima, Rebecca Lowry, So-Young Park, Natascha Schmitten, Robert Seidel, Michael Sistig, and Amely Spotzl. Sternberg has had solo-exhibitions at Kinsey/DesForges Gallery and Celebrity Vault in Los Angeles, and as well as American University Museum, Washington, DC. For more information about Cole Sternberg visit  .

Eli Consilvio