Chris Burden Goes to Extremes @ New Museum in NY

Chris Burden , LAPD Uniforms, 1993.

Chris Burden, LAPD Uniforms, 1993.

Chris Burden's first major US exhibition has been forty years in the making.  In this time the artist has pushed the boundaries of performance and expanded the parameters of instillation art.  Who could forget his 1971 performance, Shoot, whereby Burden was literally shot by his assistant at close range? Shortly after, in 1975, the artist would lay underneath a pane of glass attached to a timer.  Aptly entitled, Doomed, Burden waited for intervention and withstood the anticipation of uncertain death for 45 hours before he ended the performance.

Clearly Burden knows a thing or two about going to extremes.  From October 2nd to January 12th Burden will occupy all floors of the New Museum with the exhibition Extreme Measures.  

 “Extreme Measures” presents a selection of Burden’s work focused on weights and measures, boundaries and constraints, where physical and moral limits are called into question. These works diagram dense political and historical relationships, and register the depth of our mechanical and technological imagination.

Chris Burden: Extreme Measures

New Museum

235 Bowery

New York, NY 10002




Collette McGruder