California on the Mind: Adarsha Benjamin’s New Video

We’re proud to call Adarsha Benjamin one of our own here at The Art Reserve. So we were quite excited to come across a review ofmusic video Benjamin directed on Leveled.

Woods is a band based in Brooklyn so don’t ask us why they opted for a So-Cal inspired single. One thing’s for certain, though, “Cali in a Cup” gives Benjamin the perfect opportunity to experiment. The washed out 60s vibe, complete with surfboards and an outdoor music festival, perfectly demonstrates her style. And the Woods boys produce exactly the dreamy pop required to complete the effect–it’s almost like they were made for each other.

Sure, we’re a bit biased toward her photographs (including the one above), but that’s no excuse to miss this. Think of it as summer’s last hurrah. Go ahead, click “play”.

Kit Warchol