As We Remember Him: Keith Haring

Today we celebrate the accomplishments and cultural achievements of the famous artist, Keith Haring. February 16th marks the 20th anniversary of Haring’s death from HIV. The Keith Haring Foundation was founded in 1989 in support of AIDS related charities and children’s programs. Haring is recognized for his bold lines and graphic characters that promote peace and unity,  many of  those found in New York public arts projects and spaces. Murals from coast to coast and sculptures formed around international borders, Haring’s pop identity generated a movement in the 80’s about social messages through public works. Haring’s ideals on art and community transcend not only the education of art, but the ideals of art solidifying community. New York art dealer, Tony Shafrazi, is currently exhibiting a tribute to Haring open through April 3rd.

Eli Consilvio