Artist Salomón Huerta to discuss his methods tonight at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Artist Salomón Huerta has an ironic style of creation that involves destruction. Huerta will be joining Zócalo at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) on Wednesday, July 14 to discuss his artwork at the event Ego, Destruction, and Facebook.

Huerta is known for his paintings of the backs of people’s heads, commonly styled homes and masked wrestlers. But the secret lies in his untraditional methods. Most of his work is destroyed after creation and “it’s only like ten percent that survives,” Huerta says. He sands a painting off of the canvas and then reuses the surface for a new idea. His methods relate to his artistic views.

“I’m not interested in entertaining my ego when I paint so when I’m painting, if I see that the end result was to stimulate my ego or pump up my ego or anything like that I pretty much destroy the painting,” Huerta says.

This painter strives for critics to view his art separate from his Mexican identity and culture. He began painting the backs of heads to draw attention away from himself and to his work. Huerta draws inspiration and ideas from his life experience. He says he does not try to add opinion to his paintings; he simply tries to capture a scene.


Since this artist draws from his own life experiences, he has begun to document his stories on Facebook. After a childhood spent growing up in a troubled area and living the life of a developing artist, Huerta has many stories to tell. One of them relates a near meeting with death. After stepping out of his car one night, Huerta was confronted by a man pointing a gun directly at him. When he turned to see his attacker, the man shockingly said that he had the wrong person. Stories like this one have inspired Huerta’s art and decorate his Facebook wall.

“When I’m doing my art, it always kind of like stimulates a certain emotion and there’s always a story of my past attached, you know, that emotion,” Huerta says.  “So I end up writing the story and I post it on Facebook just for fun. “

At the upcoming event, the artist will be answering questions about his art and Facebook creations. He has traveled around the world, from London to Germany to Mexico, to display his work. But back in Los Angeles, Huerta will be at MOCA to speak.


“It’s just the opportunity to share my process with other people and I think that’s fun,” he says.

For a chance to see Salomón Huerta and hear more about him, join Zócalo at MOCA on July 14 at 7:30 pm by making a reservation on their website.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
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Eli Consilvio