Alternative Dimensions: Agathe Snow at OHWOW!

Wherever you may be headed for Thanksgiving, chances are you’ll turn your attention from visual art to the culinary arts for the next few days. Upon your return, though, head to OHWOW! for a post-holiday detox of sorts. A new solo show by Agathe Snow, Tout Dit (2D) provides a refreshing interpretation of dimensionality, in all senses of the word. The result is a comprehensive and intriguing show.

OH WOW! has hung striking wall reliefs (some of Snow’s newest work) on every wall for an almost stifling effect. Each piece threatens to spill (or melt or explode or decompose, depending on the piece) onto the gallery’s shiny white floor. It’s the best kind of mess.

Snow’s latest effort attempts to disrupt typical perspectives and call attention to the two-dimensional nature of wall art. Expansively, the artist’s work also explores how the individual viewpoint, of art or the world at large, is always inherently flat…

Says the gallery:

“Conceptually, Snow’s objective with this series is to displace the standard perception of dimensionality. By taking mass, rendered prostrate by concealing every angle, she offers only a partial glimpse of totality, or of an object’s true being. In doing so, she explores the notion of “flat’ – what flatness infers when speaking about art, or even in describing individuals and situations.”

It’s an exhibit that’s meant to disorient, and it does so beautifully. Says Snow:

“I am talking of all things that make you halt, that take over your mind at the expense of all other thoughts. Any obsession, dependence, metaphor, and all generalizations that stop you in your course, leave you flat – an illusion.”

OHWOW! will be closed from November 22 – 24 for the holiday. Can’t wait until then? View the exhibition online.

Tout Dit (2D)
November 10 – December 8, 2012
OHWOW! Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

Kit Warchol