Adarsha Benjamin’s The Unconditional Wave Opens June 5th at Dilettante

Adarsha Benjamin,   Self Portrait   from The Unconditional Wave , 2013

Adarsha Benjamin, Self Portrait from The Unconditional Wave, 2013

Life can shift in an instant. And no one knows this better than artist Adarsha Benjamin. The mother to-be, image maker, and lover of life’s beauty will debut a collection of analog photographs dedicated to the ebb and flow of living in the moment. We recently caught up with her to dive deeper into the motivation behind her work, learn more about the series and her inspiration as an artist.

The show is entitled, “The Unconditional Wave”. Kindly explain how you arrived at this title and how it relates to the work.

It was just the feeling in the work that I’ve been doing over the last year that brought this title to my mind… It’s an emotional, sexual, creative wave that has brought all these images together, and for me every feeling is so unconditional, so deep. I feel like I’m surfing waves of feeling everyday. Hence, the Unconditional Wave.

What inspired this latest series?

It was the moments of each one that particularly inspired this series – it wasn’t necessarily meant to be a series from the beginning. The common thread between them all is that they are instant analog images, otherwise known as Polaroid but now officially “Impossible Film” who have supported me many times by giving me film for projects.

In regards to your creative process, what are you feeling most inspired by now in regards to music, film, politics, books, etc.?

The most inspiring things in my life right now are the fact that I’m growing a baby inside of me, and she already is the coolest girl I’ve ever known, becoming a mother drives me more than anything I’ve ever known…. and the community of friends and peers that I work and live amongst in Los Angeles. These people make my heart soar. Devendra Banhart’s new album is amazing. Rocco Deluca’s upcoming album that has yet to be released inspires me a lot visually. Love, always inspires.

Returning to the idea of The Unconditional Wave, what is your relationship to the ocean, sea and or water in general?

The title isn’t really related to water as a wave, but more using wave in an emotional context. Though, I’m deeply connected to the water and because I am a water sign I have always related how I feel to the levels and depths of the sea, in relation to my heart.

The Unconditional Wave
Adarsha Benjamin
Opening: June 5th, 7-9pm
Exhibition: June 6- 20th

120 N Santa Fe Ave.
LA, CA 90002

Collette McGruder